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The water main is a vital part of your home’s plumbing system, which is why when you encounter a damaged water line in Tucson AZ, RAM Plumbing advises you to promptly call in a professional. Here are some of the most common water line issues.

Water In Your Yard

When your water main breaks, there’s a good chance you’ll notice water pooling in the yard. This especially true if there hasn’t been a recent rainstorm. It’s important to immediately call a plumber in Tucson AZ. Waiting too long to fix the pipe can cause a sinkhole to develop, which is a definite safety hazard. Pests, like mice and roaches, will also be attracted to the moist environment.

Falling Water Pressure

Falling water pressure should always signal a red flag. While the problem could simply be a clogged faucet, you also can’t rule out a main water line issue. If water pressure is low throughout your entire home, it’s highly likely that your water main has been compromised. It’s also possible that a tree root may have intruded your underground pipe. This problem naturally restricts the amount of water coming into your residence. You’ll definitely need water line repair in Tucson AZ.


Bellying is another water line issue to watch out for. This problem usually stems from soil gradually shifting over the years. As the soil moves, it twists and bends the water line out of shape. You’ll ultimately need water line replacement in Tucson AZ. Fortunately, sections of the pipe can be replaced as opposed to the entire water line.

High Water Bill

When experiencing a leaky water line, you may notice a sudden spike in your monthly water bill. After performing an inspection, a plumber can determine if you need water line installation in Tucson AZ.

When in need of professional water lines services in Tucson AZ, contact RAM Plumbing. We offer reliable services and excellent service.

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