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In both our homes and local Tucson businesses, toilets play a vital role in our everyday lives. Central to both comfort and sanitation, when something goes awry with them it can be very upsetting. Its a frustrating moment when you learn that instead of a simple repair, you may need to replace the toilet entirely.
Luckily, you don’t have to be caught off guard by toilet mishaps. There are numerous signs to warn you in advance that the time to replace your toilet is near.

1. Your Toilet Clogs Often

Do you find that you need to run for the plunger on a regular basis? Or worse: a mop and bucket to clean up the overflow? If your answer is yes, you would benefit from buying a new toilet. Start by having a Tucson plumber come out to make sure a blockage in the line isn’t the issue. If your toilet clogs once a week or more, however, even after being serviced, it isn’t likely that you’ll be able to fix the toilet permanently without replacing it.

2. Your Toilet Isn’t Flushing Well

Whether it’s a slow drain or the toilet isn’t flushing at all, this can be a bigger problem. There’s a chance that this issue may be remedied by replacing some of the smaller, less expensive parts of your toilet. Worn and clogged parts can cause toilets to flush improperly, as can clogged sewer lines and other issues, which require the assistance of a plumber. There’s also a chance that the toilet is simply too old to repair correctly, and that you’d be better off with a new toilet.

3. Your Toilet is Leaking

If you notice your toilet leaking, don’t rush to replace the toilet immediately, as the issue may possibly be fixed without much trouble. Bad seals and broken flanges are often sources of toilet leaks, both of which can be repaired easily, giving you the option to try to do it yourself. Hairline cracks can also contribute to toilet leaks, however, and these aren’t possible to repair. If you notice toilet leaks or signs of damage to the surrounding floor, be sure to contact an area plumber immediately and shut off the water supply to the toilet while you wait for service.

4. The Toilet Tank is Hissing

No, there isn’t a cat in there—you’re just having issues with the assembly inside the tank. This is a situation where you can fix the toilet instead of replacing it, but that may not be the best decision. In some cases, the fill valve and ballcock assembly may need to be replaced for best results. If this is the case for you, it may make more financial sense to upgrade the toilet rather than focus on costly repairs, especially if there are any other repairs needed.

5. You Need Toilet Repairs Frequently

Repairing your current toilet is cheaper than buying a new toilet—up to a point. But eventually, the cost of having your Tucson plumber come out on a regular basis will add up to more than just replacing the toilet. How often is too often to have repairs? That all depends on your budget and needs. Ultimately, if you find yourself dreading calling the plumber back again for the same issues and your toilet just keeps breaking, a new toilet would be your best option if your plumber has investigated all other possible issues.

6. Your Toilet Is Old

Even if your toilet is working well, the older it is the more likely it is that issues will arise. Cracks in the porcelain are the biggest concern and since they aren’t always visible, they can sneak up on you. The damage caused by undiscovered leaks can lead to having to replace the flooring around the toilet, making it a massive expense. Replacing the entire toilet is much cheaper than a new floor, and as a perk you can upgrade to a water-efficient model that will save money you on your monthly water bill.

7. The Toilet Is Wobbling

If your toilet feels wobbly when you sit down on it, the issue at hand is either very minor or very serious. Scheduling a Tucson toilet repair will reveal which type of issue you have. On the minor end a few screws could be loose, causing the toilet to wobble, but on the other end there might be damage to the floor that’s allowing the toilet to wobble, indicating a significant leak. Depending on the nature of that leak, the toilet and the floor may both need to be replaced, which is why it’s so important to call a plumber for service before small issues turn into larger problems.

8. Your Toilet Looks Like it Has Seen Better Days

Not all issues with a toilet are related to toilet function. Aesthetics matter too. If your toilet has significant surface damages from scrubbing, has become discolored, or is just an outdated design, it may be better to swap it out for a newer model. This is especially true for Tucson businesses, where the appearance of your bathroom can be a make-or-break factor for customers.

None of these aesthetic reasons indicate that a toilet must be replaced, as the choice would be a matter of opinion. Other excellent reasons for wanting to upgrade to a new toilet would include saving water and money, improving the look of the space, and preventing issues from arising in the first place.

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