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Backflow is the unwanted reversal of the flow of water, which may be mixed with various undesirable substances into the distribution pipelines of any water system. The sources of such undesirable substances can vary; namely industrial fluids, used water, gases etc. Backflow may occur due to a loss of pressure in the main water system, a broken pipe or if any section of the water main is isolated for maintenance. Plumbers suggest, it may also occur when there is a cross-connection between a water pump or a bore pump with the internal water plumbing system, where the bore water is being pumped at a higher pressure than that of the water mains. In Tucson, these water issues can take a toll on your plumbing system, you need to make sure your local plumber can handle the job.
RAM Plumbing is on the list of certified backflow testers who are registered with Tucson Water. So, your plumbing issues are guaranteed to be fixed properly, if you are looking for a plumber in the Tucson area.

Causes of Backflow

Cross-connection hazard may arise in various situations. Let’s consider a scenario where your property’s drinking water supply is inadvertently connected to a source of pollution, either by cross-connection or simply by a submerged hose in the container of liquid. This is a serious problem as these pollutants can easily enter your drinking water supply whenever there is an overpressure or a sudden drop in pressure or pressure in the water mains.

To simply put it, if you have ever attached one end of the garden hose to your home water-system during gardening, while the other end is placed into a bucket of fertilizers, there may be an abrupt loss of water in the main system. This will lead to a decrease in the pressure, which may further cause a reverse flow in the water line. So, in case your system has no backflow prevention, the fertilizers may get sucked into the home plumbing system, which can lead to an emergency plumbing issue.

Steps for Preventing Backflow

If the spigot connected to your garden hose is equipped with a hose bib, the reverse flow will cause a check in the hose bib, which will subsequently prevent the backflow in the spigot. If it doesn’t have a hose bib in place or has a malfunctioning one, the backflow prevention system will engage and prevent the harmful contingents from contaminating the main water line. The best plumbers in Tucson will be able to anticipate this.

Backflows are a major issue if not taken care of and cause a major hindrance to your home water supply. Contaminated water can cause serious health hazards, and in some cases, may even be fatal. So, it’s important to use the best plumbing services and have your water regularly tested as a precautionary measure against any backflow or pollution. Even if your home has a pre-installed backflow system it’s important to perform regular check-ups. Our Tucson plumbers use backflow testing as a major plumbing service solution.

Some backflow prevention services may reduce the water pressure and the water flow rate may downgrade from that of the main system, but that might not be a major issue. If the flow rate and water pressure are critical for the activities of your property, you may need to consult a commercial plumbing agency like RAM Plumbing to ask for licensed professional help.

RAM Plumbing is here to meet all your plumbing requirements. Our Tucson plumbers are the best around. Use our Arizona certified backflow tester plumbing service, or schedule a free estimate, just give us a call at (520) 747-8089 for all your plumbing services.

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