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Now that spring is here, and you might be tempted to think that the worst of plumbing problems are over. Sadly, it’s wishful thinking. Fortunately, you can prevent most of these common water line plumbing problems during spring with proper maintenance and prompt water line repair in Tortolita, AZ. RAM Plumbing explains more below:

Cracked, Leaky Pipes

Warmer spring temperatures expose pipes to damage due to expansion. Therefore, you are likely to notice cracks on your water lines during the warm weather. Some signs of a cracked or damaged water line may include spiking water bills, water spots around fixtures, low water pressure, and unpleasant smells.

Sewer and Main Line Obstructions

As trees start growing again during spring, their roots spread to reach nutrients. Tree roots might intrude through pipes because sewer and main lines contain water. These obstructions can damage water lines, necessitating a water line replacement. It’s necessary to hire a plumber for sewer and water line inspection during spring to avoid damage from tree root invasions.

Clogged Drains

Your plumbing might wear and tear over the winter due to the large meals and holiday parties. The events can strain your system, which is why it’s necessary to call an experienced plumber in Tortolita, AZ, to inspect your drains, locate and remove clogs, and make the drainage more efficient.


Spring is a busy season for your water line because the ice on the ground is bound to melt. Therefore, it increases the risks of flooding in spring. It would be best to hire our team to provide you with water lines services and reduce flooding risk due to a leak in the water line.

These are a few of the spring water line problems you are likely to encounter in your home. Fortunately, the issues are easy to repair. Call in a licensed plumber for a professional water line installation to prevent most of these plumbing problems caused by improper installations. It’s also necessary to maintain plumbing systems to avoid these issues. Contact RAM Plumbing today for professional plumbing services.

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