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Rain provides fresh air and new life to almost everything, especially here in the desert. However, too much rain can wreak havoc on your business or home’s plumbing. In Tucson, AZ the monsoon season brings heavy and sudden downpours of rain. Excessive and sudden rainwater can add extra pressure on your pipes. The more stress there is on your pipes and drainage system, the more problems your plumbing will face. If you’re worried about problems with your plumbing because of heavy rain, don’t hesitate to call the best Tucson plumbers, RAM Plumbing, Inc. RAM Plumbing, Inc. is available 24/7 to fix plumbing emergencies or perform routine inspections and preventative maintenance for your home or business.

While the rain is welcome, and the monsoon storms are fun to watch, they can cause quite a bit of damage including fallen trees, flooding, and more. As a property owner, here are some potential plumbing issues to watch for:

Water Pressure

The moisture and weight of the soil increase during the rain. This adds extra pressure on pipes which can further damage them especially when the pipes are older. The extra pressure of water can worsen underlying problems.

Shifting of Pipes

During heavy rainfall, the ground gets soft and becomes muddy. While this isn’t good for walking or driving, it is also not good for your pipes. Plumbers bury pipes under the ground and when the ground gets soft; pipes can shift or bend in different angles which can cause them to burst. This can cause leakage in your pipes, poor pressure and increased water bills.

Water Blockage

When pipes are cracked, debris like sand, mud, tree branches, pebbles and dirt can easily enter. These types of debris can block the pipes which allow the water to back-up in your home and create draining problems. In addition to this, blockage of water pipes can lead to a foul sewage smell throughout your home or business which can be most unpleasant.

Septic Flooding

Many homes in Tucson have a septic tank installed on their property. If you have a septic tank, heavy rain may soak your drain field which makes your tank incapable of outputting water properly. This means that water in your drainage system has nowhere to go so it gets blocked in your pipes.

Monsoon season happens every year in Tucson, you should make sure that all plumbing problems are fixed before they get too serious. Heavy rainfall can contribute to multiple problems, but you can prevent these water-related issues with year-round upkeep and maintenance of your drainage or plumbing system. Preventative care and inspections by professional and experienced plumbers can help extend the life of your plumbing and help prevent costly emergencies. So, hire the best Tucson plumbers to inspect your household pipes, drains and prevent plumbing issues. A minor defect in your drainage system can cause big headaches if it is ignored. Save your home or business from time-consuming and costly damage.

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