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Trenchless sewer repair in Tortolita, AZ

A cost-effective alternative to traditional sewer repair is the trenchless method, which our technicians here at RAM Plumbing recommend for homeowners and business owners alike. However, the cost of trenchless sewer repair in Tortolita, AZ can vary significantly depending on the specifics of your project. Here are a few factors that can affect how much you’ll have to spend:

The extent of the damage

Minor issues like pipe cracks and leaks can often be fixed with a more basic trenchless method, such as trenchless pipe lining. However, replacing the entire sewer line through pipe bursting or directional drilling may be ideal if there is extensive damage. The cost for these more complex procedures will be higher and can change depending on the pipe length that needs to be replaced.

Accessibility of pipes

Additional costs may be incurred if the area is hard to access due to terrain or other obstacles like existing utilities or landscaping . Our team will need to take extra measures to ensure the job can be done safely and efficiently, and it may require additional equipment and/or labor hours to complete the job.


Pipe lining requires a special resin and epoxy material to create the new pipe within the existing one. But if pipe bursting is the necessary solution, the cost of the new HDPE pipe (which is what’s typically used for this procedure) must also be factored in.

Size and Diameter of the Pipe

The size of the damaged pipe also affects how much you’ll have to pay for a trenchless repair. Smaller pipes, such as 3-4 inches in diameter, are usually cheaper to repair than large pipes that measure 8 inches or more.

It’s always best to talk with an experienced and reliable plumber in Tortolita, AZ, like RAM Plumbing, to get a more accurate estimate of your trenchless sewer repair cost. Our team has years of experience with these types of repairs, and we can help you determine the most effective solution for your particular situation. Contact us today to get started!

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