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In recent years, trenchless sewer repair in Tucson, AZ has become an increasingly popular and accessible alternative to traditional repair. While this is certainly a reason to call a local plumber from RAM Plumbing, it’s not exactly an entirely new concept. Take a moment to learn more about the history of trenchless technology in plumbing.

Pipe Lining Was Developed in 1970

What’s now commonly referred to as trenchless pipe lining and other areas began in 1970. This is when agricultural engineer Eric Wood developed what’s also known as cured-in-place piping, or CIPP. Wood’s goal, at the time, was to repair air ducts above mushroom beds in a less-disruptive way. However, the concept was later applied to sewer, water, and drain lines.

Other Companies Got on Board a Few Decades Later

It took five years for Wood’s technology to make it to the United States. However, it wasn’t until patents ran out in the 1990s that more companies began to adopt and expand on trenchless technology. The concept continued to grow in popularity into the 21st century due, in part, to issues with older cast iron pipes that needed to be restored quickly and affordably. Nowadays, trenchless technology is widely used by different plumbers to provide efficient and effective solutions.

Pipe Bursting also Arrived in the ’70s

A type of trenchless pipe replacement that’s also popular today, pipe bursting became another trenchless technique in the mid-1970s. Again, parts of this method that were patented prevented what’s essentially the process of breaking up an existing pipe and replacing it with a new one less appealing. This has since changed due to expired patents and the development of newer pipe bursting tools and techniques.

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When in need of reliable plumbing solutions,a plumbing expert from RAM Plumbing will gladly go over your options for trenchless pipe repair. As long as the affected pipe is stable, it’s often possible to restore a pipe internally. Even if stability is an issue, other trenchless techniques may be suitable.

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