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It’s advisable to call on a plumber in Oro Valley, AZ from RAM Plumbing if you have a known or suspected sewer problem. What may give some homeowners pause is the possibility of having the yard torn up just to fix a sewer pipe that sustained significant damage. The good news is more homeowners are now able to benefit from no-dig trenchless options. 

Let RAM Plumbing explain just how trenchless sewer repair in Oro Valley, AZ works.

What Does Trenchless Mean and How Is It Done?

Also called cured-in-place pipe, trenchless pipe lining in Oro Valley, AZ is an approach to sewer pipe repair that’s done without the need to dig a trench. Instead, the damaged part of the pipe is reached through access points, which often already exist. After the affected pipe is inspected and properly cleaned, a pipe liner that contains a special type of epoxy material is inserted. When the liner is removed, you’ll be left with a pipe that’s literally revitalized from the inside.

In some cases, trenchless pipe replacement in Oro Valley, AZ involves what’s called pipe bursting. Also done through access points, it’s a technique that involves breaking up the existing pipe and pushing it down into the ground so a new pipe can be inserted in the same space.

What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Techniques?

The most appealing benefit of trenchless techniques is the ability to spare your backyard. You also won’t have to deal with the costly cleanup. What’s more, trenchless methods can often be done with less labor and much faster than traditional options, which can add up to much-appreciated savings.

Get in Touch With RAM Plumbing

While trenchless sewer replacement in Oro Valley, AZ, or our other related techniques may not always be right in every situation, a no-dig method may very well be appropriate for your sewer pipes. Reach out to the RAM Plumbing team and we’ll let you know what’s going on with your sewer lines and what options you have available.

Contact RAM Plumbing today to learn more about trenchless pipe repair in Oro Valley, AZ. Be sure to call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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