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Water leaks mean big trouble for any commercial or residential establishment. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a high water bill from something avoidable like a leak. Plus, water is such a precious resource in the desert of Tucson, Arizona. The plumber who deals with any leak detection situations in your local area must be capable enough to give you a clear idea of how far along you are on a possible leak and how it can be handled.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Have you seen signs that there may be a leak somewhere in your building or at the very foundation of the structure?
  • Has your water bill jumped up suddenly?

Even if these issues seem small right now, they can grow to be huge problems. A knowledgeable Tucson plumbing services, like Ram Plumbing, Inc. can help you stop these hazards and ensure that you get to use your water in the most cost-effective way.

Possible Problems Causing Water Leaks

Water Lines

Water lines are crucial for a steady supply of water into our homes which also makes them quite susceptible to leaks. Water lines run both within your home and under the yard outside. It is easier to see leaks above ground than under and this is where emergency plumbing services may be needed. You may not find out that you have a leak until it becomes a huge matter, by then you are forced to spend hundreds of dollars to get it fixed. You should hire an experienced and smart plumbing specialist, like Ram Plumbing, Inc., to fix any emergency leaks or perform routine leak detection to find any issues in your water lines before they become a huge problem.

Running Toilet

Toilets use a constant flow of water through them and this makes them prone to leaks. It is shocking how much water a leaking toilet loses and the money it ends up costing the property owner. 200 to 1,000+ gallons of water may be wasted, based on the severity of the puncture/leak. Other utility bills like electricity will also increase as the water pumps will run two or three times more often than they are normally supposed to. An experienced Tucson plumber or other local plumber knows what to look for to tell if a toilet is leaking. Leaks are identifiable by a lingering sound of trickling water after you have flushed the toilet. If you hear this, don’t waste any more time, get a professional plumber, like Ram Plumbing, Inc., out to help save you money and prevent any future emergency plumbing disasters.

Faucets Leaks

Plumbing in Tucson reveals that faucet leaks are among the major causes behind water leaks; these include showers, kitchen sinks, and bathroom faucets. Despite your best efforts to prevent any flow once you have turned off the system, leaks will make water trickle out. It would be alarming to know that a faucet/shower leak can result in a 500 to 12,000 gallons of water loss! You need an experienced local Tucson plumbing service, like Ram Plumbing, Inc., to fix it as this is not a problem that you want to leave alone to get worse.

Keep These Signs of Water Leaks In Mind!

Is the ground raised?
This happens when water accumulates in an area and causes the soil to expand as like a bulge.

Is the ground soggy?
It barely rains in Tucson, AZ so it is extra alarming to go outside and find a soggy yard. This could turn out to be a long-existing leak as it is underground, and you need to call a local emergency plumber as soon as possible.

Is water pooling at specific location(s)?
Even though pooling ensures that you easily get to detect that there is a leak, finding the source is sometimes an entirely different story. Only a commercial or residential plumbing professional with year
s of experience behind them can pinpoint these hard to detect leaks.

Does your property reek of sewage odor?
The smell is a dead giveaway and there’s no way to miss it. When you start to notice the smell of sewage around your property it likely means that your sewer line is leaking.

How about bad water pressure?
If the water pressure in your faucets or toilets has reduced considerably. This is obviously a leak at some point in the water system and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

When a leak sprouts out of nowhere or when you can’t see but know that something is wrong underground with the water, don’t forget to call the best plumbers in Tucson. Ram Plumbing, Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art leak detection equipment in our mission to find the problem in a non-invasive manner to help keep your commercial property or home beautiful. Our experienced plumbers are well versed with the tools and years of experience to take reference from. That’s what makes us the go-to company for any of your local Tucson plumbing needs. So, save your hard-earned money by getting the best plumbing team at your side!

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