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If there is a list of expensive home problems, a slab leak will rank high in it. A slab leak is basically a break in a pipe or the pipeline running beneath the concrete foundations of a house. It has a reputation for causing extensive damage and can occur either in sewer or water lines. This is a very important plumbing service.

A typical slab leak can lead to other plumbing problems, like severe humidity problems and water damage inside your home. It’s difficult to diagnose, and if not addressed properly, can lead to costly damages. Early leak detection is crucial, and so is acquiring professional help in times of such crisis.

To limit costly damages, it’s important to consult a slab repair plumbing specialist like RAM Plumbing, Inc. as soon as possible. So, if your home has a concrete foundation, the first step would be to know the warning signs that indicate a leak. Let’s have a look at the common causes and signs of slab leaks:

Slab Leak Causes

There are 3 primary problems that can lead to a slab leak needing plumbing repair:

  • Corrosion, Soil, chemicals and heat corrode the concrete and pipes, causing deformation from the outside. The reverse occurs in cold pipes, which are mostly affected by electrolysis, decaying from the inside.
  • Vibration, which eventually leads to wear and tear.
  • Pressure, In case of improper installation or poor ground conditions, pressure problems may arise. This generally happens due to improper construction of either the house or the pipes.

Signs of Slab Leaks

Sound of running water: The sound of running water in your home isn’t unnatural. However, if you can hear the sound, but cannot figure out which faucet or appliance is causing it, then there is a problem. This is one of the most common signs of a leak.

Unusually high-water bill: A high-water bill is a common sign of leakage in your home, but it may not signify leakage beneath the foundation. Try calling a local plumber to check out the exposed pipes and faucets in your home. If the plumbing inside your home seems fine, then, it might be an unseen leak beneath the foundations.

Warm or wet spots on your floor: Whenever warm water leaks from a pipe beneath the foundation, it might create mysterious small puddles, also known as hot spots, on the floor.

Cracking or buckling foundation: If you see cracks in the foundation, inside or outside your home, it might be due to leaks, which might lead to buckling.

Carpet mildew or mold: When there is a leak, the foundation might become oversaturated and allow moisture into the house.

What To Do If You Detect A Slab Leak

Don’t try to fix the problem yourself. This could lead to a worse problem. Hire a reputable, local plumbing company like RAM Plumbing, Inc. to fix the problem. As qualified and experienced residential and commercial plumbers we are the best bet to make a definitive diagnosis of the situation. We use various non-evasive equipment like electronic amplification, electromagnetic pipeline locators, pressure gauges and camera inspections to locate or detect the leak beneath the foundation of your home.

Repairing Techniques:

  • Cutting open the foundation and fixing the pipe.
  • Re-piping the entire line, used in older homes where leaks can become a chronic problem. It is the most common choice when multiple leaks exist, as it’s a very thorough solution for putting a permanent stop to leaks. We will install a brand new, durable piping system, utilizing expansion techniques to ensure a more secure fitting along with a leak-free system.
  • Rerouting pipes will require construction, especially when pipes in both the floors and walls need to be replaced. This methodology is ideal in situations where only a short amount of pipe needs repairing.
  • Pipe coating, used in cases where the pipe cannot be easily fixed, or the process isn’t cost-effective. In such cases, the pipe is fixed from within, using epoxy pipe coating. Epoxy restoration might require a little construction, as the plumber might need to create access holes to approach the leak.

A slab leak is a serious problem, and requires expert plumbing services. At RAM Plumbing, Inc. Our plumbers are licensed and insured, and our services are backed by over 35 years of industry experience. In a field that is constantly changing, we have the insight and experience to know what methods work and what don’t, and we use the most advanced equipment in Tucson. Not only does this save you time and money, but it also allows you to enjoy your plumbing system sooner

If your plumbing is in trouble, call us on the double! We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer a free consultation, so don’t risk a minor plumbing issue turning into an emergency.

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