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At some point, you will experience plumbing problems at home. Fortunately, you can get a plumber in Tucson, AZ from RAM Plumbing to come and make the necessary repairs. To avoid unintentionally damaging your plumbing system in the future, it pays to know the truth behind some of the myths surrounding it.

It’s OK to Pour Grease Down the Drain

This is a plumbing myth that can call for emergency plumbing. If you pour grease down your kitchen sink drain, even if it’s hot, it can cause a terrible clog. Over time, the grease cools and hardens in the pipes. This leaves you with standing water that can’t drain. The best thing to do is to dump the grease into a container, seal it, and throw it in the garbage.

You Can Flush Things Deemed Flushable

Things that say “flushable” on the packaging aren’t necessarily actually flushable. Things like kitty litter, wipes, and tampons are often deemed as such. However, when you flush these items, it can lead to a backup and even an overflow of your toilet. You’ll need plumbing repairs to get your toilet’s drain and pipes clear.

Only Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Clear Clogs

This myth is dangerous and can result in extensive damage to your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners can do more harm than good in multiple ways. They may also be ineffective at clearing some clogs. Relying on licensed plumbers and natural methods are far better.

Lemon Peels Are Good for the Garbage Disposal

While the scent of lemon is definitely nice, you should never put lemon peels in your garbage disposal. They can cause problems such as clogs and even corrosion. To avoid costly plumbing services, you should clean your garbage disposal with ice cubes or water and vinegar instead.

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