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Sewer Backup Prevention Tips

Sewer backups can significantly damage your property and expose your family to disease-causing microorganisms. Despite the numerous risks, most homeowners forget about sewer maintenance until a problem arises. Although you can reach out to RAM Plumbing for trenchless sewer repair in Tortolita, AZ, it’s essential to prevent your system from backing up in the first place. Below are some tips to help you.

Flush the Right Items Down the Toilet

Nothing should get down your toilet apart from toilet paper and bodily waste. Diapers, wipes, feminine products, and paper towels don’t deteriorate quickly and form clogs that block your sewer line. To prevent such troubles and avoid costs associated with trenchless pipe replacement, dispose of all these items in the trash.

Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

Fat, oil, and grease are some of the most common culprits behind sewer backups. This is because they solidify once they cool down, blocking the pipes. Hair, dirt, and other debris can also cling to the grease buildup, further worsening the clog. Any plumber in Tortolita, AZ would recommend against pouring these substances down the drain. Instead, dispose of them in the trash bin. 

Schedule Sewer Line Inspections

Besides taking a few daily preventive measures, schedule regular sewer inspections to ensure your safety. Professionals can detect issues that can potentially result in a future sewer problem and offer advice and recommendations on preventing these issues from occurring. Doing so also allows them to check your line’s overall condition and determine if trenchless pipe lining is in order.

Periodically Cut Tree Roots

Tree roots cause significant damage that can necessitate trenchless sewer replacement because they penetrate underground pipes and interfere with wastewater flow. To enhance safety, ensure you don’t plant trees near your sewer line. However, if you have any trees near your sewer line, cut the roots periodically to avoid root blockage. Hire a specialist to cut the roots to avoid exposing your sewer system to any damage.

Don’t let sewer backups wreak havoc on your home. As your trenchless pipe repair expert, RAM Plumbing is here to ensure your sewer lines are in tip-top shape all year round. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

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