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Shifting Soil: How It Affects Your Sewer Lines

There are many reasons you may need and benefit from trenchless sewer repair in Oro Valley, AZ, one of the cost-effective service options we offer at RAM Plumbing. One of these is underground pipe damage related to shifting soil in one way or another. Below, we go over some of the possible ways shifting soil could affect your sewer lines.

Creating Openings for Tree Roots

Damage from tree roots is a common reason for trenchless sewer replacement or repair. Shifts in the soil can contribute to this type of damage by helping to create a fracture or break in a sewer pipe. All it takes is a small opening for tree roots to seek moisture inside sewer lines. If this happens, roots can spread and cause more serious damage.

Weakening Pipe Connections

Over time, shifting soil can loosen and weaken pipe joints and other types of connections. This can happen from added friction and pressure as soil moves and changes position. If pipe connections get weak enough, sewer pipes can leak, leaving you with a soggy lawn and the risk of foundation damage.

Accelerating Damage to Older Sewer Lines

If you have older sewer lines, especially ones made from cast iron, years of shifting soil could accelerate their wear and damage. Depending on what minerals the underground soil around your pipes contains, shifting soil could also contribute to pipe corrosion. Fortunately, it’s often possible for structurally stable old pipes to respond well to trenchless pipe repair.

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