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Plumbing issues are a part of life, and that’s the truth. Whether it’s a severe issue or something more minor, most of us have experienced a plumbing problem at some time or another. The more severe the issue, however, the more important it is to react quickly to fix the problem and prevent damage to your home. If you don’t act immediately, it’s possible to end up spending thousands of dollars in damages. While some plumbing problems are easy to detect, others can be harder to notice. While busted pipes, water leaks, and clogged drains can be obvious signs of a plumbing emergency, here are a few less evident signs of a plumbing emergency:

Low Water Pressure

Have you ever taken a shower with extremely low water pressure? It can be frustrating, right? While this tends to be more common in older homes with older plumbing systems, it can also be a sign of an issue in newer homes, as well. Not only can this problem be annoying while taking a shower, it can also mean that you have a more serious plumbing issue that needs to be resolved quickly. Typically, low water pressure is caused from clogged pipes, but can also be caused by a leak in your plumbing system. If you notice low water pressure in the shower, bathroom, or from any of your faucets, it’s best to call a professional plumber right away—who can help you find the culprit quickly and repair it.

Drainage Issues

Another problem that can cause a plumbing emergency involves drainage issues. Have you ever taken a shower, only to notice that the water isn’t draining right away? Have you ever used the sink and realized that the water isn’t running down the drain like it should? While this might seem normal from time to time, it’s also a telltale sign of a more severe issue with your plumbing system. If you’re having drainage troubles, be sure to call an emergency plumber before those slow drains turn into much larger clogs and back up your plumbing system.

Gurgling Noises

A terribly bad sounds you might hear from your plumbing system is a gurgling noise. You might notice this sound when you use the toilet, dishwasher, or washing machine. This sound occurs when your plumbing system is desperately searching for air. If you hear this noise when none of these systems or appliances are being used, you could be dealing with a more severe plumbing emergency. If not treated quickly, it can cause a severe backup of water in your home.

Burst and Busted Water Pipes

One of the more obvious signs of a plumbing emergency is when you have a pipe that breaks. While pipes usually burst due to freezing, they can also break and leak from old age and just plain wearing out. If a broken pipe isn’t fixed immediately, it can cause costly damage to your home and belongings over time, due to water damage. Another factor to consider are the roots of trees in your yard, which might interfere with the plumbing system that runs under your home’s foundation. Make sure to call an emergency plumber immediately if you notice a water leak in your home or a pipe bursts due to freezing temperatures.

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