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When not detected and addressed promptly, plumbing leaks can culminate in extensive property damage, exorbitant water bills, and other related complications. RAM Plumbing explores ways to know when your water lines are leaking so you can call for timely water line repair in Tortolita, AZ.

Water Meter Check

You should locate and inspect your water meter to track your routine water usage. By reading it at specific intervals – say, before and after a few hours when there’s no known application or use of the plumbing system or after intentionally turning off all faucets and water-using appliances – you can tell whether there is an unusual change in consumption. This could imply that some part(s) of your plumbing is leaking, and immediate water line services may be necessary to fix the issue.

Observe for Water Stains

Another sign of a damaged water line is the presence of water stains on ceilings, walls, or floors. These may appear as discolored patches or bulging areas and can result from water seeping through from the leaky pipe. Be sure to regularly check these areas for any changes in appearance, as this can quickly become a costly problem.

Don’t Ignore Unusual Sounds

Strange sounds from the pipes, such as hissing, clanking, or banging, may be due to air getting into your plumbing system through small holes caused by water line leaks. If these noises persist, reach out to a professional plumber for a more thorough inspection. They will be able to advise whether repair or new water line installation is required.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Water Bill

Is there a significant rise in your monthly bill even though you haven’t made any major changes to your water usage? If so, it’s worth investigating further. Consider the season and any additional usage patterns that may have caused an increase in consumption. If you still can’t find a reasonable explanation, you likely have a leaking water line that needs attention.

Water line leaks will not go away on their own. Instead, they can worsen over time and even result in water line replacement. Water pipes are constantly under pressure, and any damage or weakness will eventually lead to a larger issue. Our team at RAM Plumbing has the latest tools and techniques to accurately locate and address any water line leaks, helping you avoid more extensive and expensive repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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