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Tucson is experiencing more winter weather than normal. Those of us who aren’t used to the thermometer dipping below sixty degrees are freezing. We’re definitely not the only ones who are suffering from temperatures dropping into the twenties, as people around the country combat freezing temps, too! This time of year, your home plumbing needs a little bit of extra care and attention to beat the cold and function at its best. Ram Plumbing’s Winter Plumbing Special provides that and much more! Keep reading to find out what you can get from this special for just $99:

Pipe, Pipe Baby

Exposed pipes are very vulnerable to freezing temperatures because water expands as it turns to ice. This could mean bad news for your home plumbing system—the more the water expands, the more likely it is that one or more of your pipes will burst. We don’t want that to happen, which is why one of the main focuses of our Winter Plumbing Special is to identify and wrap exposed pipes (some restrictions do apply—please call to learn more). Whether you’re going away on vacation or just want to keep your pipes in their original condition throughout the winter, our dedicated team will help you prevent a larger plumbing issue.

All About the Connections

Winter weather can affect more than just your pipes. If you sign up for our Winter Plumbing Special, our team will also check the water pressure in your home, make sure your shutoff valve is working properly, and inspect the supply lines that lead to all of your fixtures. This service ensures that you know where the valve is and that it’s in optimal condition. That way you’re prepared—just in case there’s ever a plumbing emergency inside your house. With it so cold outside, it’s nice to stay indoors. We want your home to be ready for cozy warmth on such cold nights, without interruption.

The Warmer the Better

A hot shower or bath can wash your winter blues away, but only if your water heater is working properly. One of the most important aspects of our Winter Plumbing Special is inspecting your water heater. We want to make sure you can get hot water when you need it. We will identify problems and make recommendations for future service you might need after your inspection. This inspection can help ensure that your water heater is not only working properly, but also efficiently, which can save you some money on utility costs.

Keep the Savings Going

Take advantage of our Winter Plumbing Special and enjoy 10% off additional services until March 19. If our crew finds any reason to recommend more work, you can enjoy this discount on a follow-up visit—as long as it occurs before March 19, 2019.

Ram Plumbing is always here to help you with all your Tucson plumbing needs. From inspections to emergency service, we make it easy to take care of your plumbing throughout the year. Visit our website or call (520) 747-8089 today to learn more about our Winter Plumbing Special!

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