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As a homeowner, it is essential to know how your water lines work, the materials used, and the issues they may experience in the long run. As your go-to expert in water line repair in Tucson, AZ, RAM Plumbing is here to walk you through the fundamentals, so you can deal with issues efficiently and avoid costly plumbing emergencies.

What is a Water Supply Line?

A water supply line is made from plastic or metal connected to the main distribution line, directing water to the house through showers, toilets, and sinks. Distributing and delivering water equipment includes faucets, water pipes, fittings, and service valves. The valves and faucets control the water flow, while the water pipes and fittings connect to the main water line installation.

How Does the Water Line Run Inside the House?

Usually, both hot and cold water pipes go in pairs and lead to different rooms. In modern houses, the supply lines are separated, which means water utilization from one point won’t impair water supply in another place.

The cold water pipes are set up in straight lines, allowing easy movement to different locations in the house. Meanwhile, the water heater follows a separate line from the cold water line. The tank warms up the water, then the water heater delivers water into various hot water lines. If you notice low water pressure, strange noise, or discolored water, chances are you have a damaged water line that needs immediate attention.

Materials Used for Water Supply Line

There are many different pipes and materials used to distribute water. The most common materials used in supplying water include brass, copper, and ductile iron. Tubes lined with cement, like ductile iron, last longer than other pipes and won’t need frequent water line replacement. However, they are heavy, thus trickier and costlier to install.

At RAM Plumbing, we’ll recommend the best pipe material that suits your needs and budget. We prioritize quality, so rest assured that we won’t cut corners.

For reliable and cost-effective water line services, look no further. We have you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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