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Point repair is a type of trenchless sewer repair in Oro Valley, AZ available from RAM Plumbing. It can be a standalone process or combined with traditional cured-in-place piping methods. Below, we go over some of the situations where point repair is often the ideal solution.

Complementing CIPP Applications

As mentioned above, point repair can be used as a supplemental technique for projects involving full trenchless sewer replacement or repair. For instance, point repair may be used to block off unwanted lateral lines before connecting pipes are re-lined. Another possibility is a situation where multiple pipes need repaired but a few of them only need a few minor repairs.

Correcting Offset/Misaligned Pipe Joints

This approach to trenchless pipe repair may be recommended as a standalone option if the only issue with your pipes is joints that are offset or misaligned enough to create weak spots. Materials are precisely cut and measured, making it easier to target only specific joints that need to be strengthened.

Replacing Missing Sections of Pipe

Point repair can also be used to repair missing sections of pipe, especially if full trenchless pipe lining isn’t necessary. The installation process is fairly simple, which minimizes disruption even more. Point repair may also be an ideal solution if there is a need to:

  • Repair 90-degree bends
  • Repair bridge transitions
  • Correct a few minor flaws that were discovered during a routine inspection
  • Add extensions to a culvert

Contact the RAM Plumbing team and we’ll let you know if point repair is ideal for your situation. Even if it’s not, we offer other approaches to trenchless pipe replacement and repair that can be equally effective and minimally disruptive.

Get in touch with a plumber in Oro Valley, AZ today to learn more about the many benefits of point repair.

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