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The services of a plumber are often what homeowners think about when they have a clog or when a bathroom fixture isn’t working. One of the most important things that plumbers do in homes, however, is to detect and repair water leaks. The truth is that many people may already have a water leak somewhere in their home, and they don’t even know it. Not knowing about the leak doesn’t keep it from doing major damage to the home, which is where that experienced local plumber comes in handy.

Symptoms of Water Leaks

You may have experienced a few strange plumbing occurrences and not realized that these may be signs of an ongoing water leak in the home:

  • If you’ve noticed any standing water in your yard but it hasn’t rained in the last day or so, this can be a major symptom of a leak. The water may be coming up into the yard from pipes that need to be repaired.
  • Having a water bill that’s unusually high. Have there been any changes in home that would account for this difference? More people using water? New gardening projects that require more water? If not, you’re likely paying for water that’s continuously leaking under your home or yard.
  • If your water pressure is far weaker than normal in the kitchen or bathroom, this can be another sign of a problem.
  • Have you heard or seen water dripping anywhere but can’t find the source? This may also be a sign of a leak from a hidden pipe in your home.

Why Have a Professional Check for Water Leaks

A higher water bill is certainly a problem, but does it really mean that you should pay for a plumber to check for leaks? The answer is always a resounding yes! A water leak can do far more damage than just run up your bill. It can cause massive damage to your home that could end up costing you thousands in repairs. If you have even the smallest of leaks, it won’t stay small for long. The power of water pressure will cause the leak to expand, which can then pass along an enormous amount of water that can potentially cause damage to your foundation, flooring, walls and more.

Finding Leaks in Your Home

When homeowners attempt their own leak detection, the most difficult issue is that leaks may be in a part of the pipes that are hidden from view. The leak may be under your home’s foundation or buried in a wall. A professional plumber in Tucson has the tools needed to find the leak and to repair it before it does more damage to your house.

In the past, leak detection could only be done by ripping out everything that concealed the pipes and checking them visually for leaks. Nowadays, professional plumbers have a host of diagnostic tools that can locate leaks—wherever they may be. This allows water leaks to be found more quickly and without damaging any of your foundation, walls or flooring. Hooray!

When leaks are found, they should be quickly repaired before they begin to worsen and crack concrete, sheetrock, and more. With professional leak-detection services from RAM Plumbing or a local professional plumber, home leaks can be diagnosed and repaired during the very earliest stages.

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