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At RAM Plumbing, we recommend trenchless sewer repair in Tucson, AZ, as the more cost-effective alternative to a traditional sewer pipe repair. When you think about replacing your corroded, cracked and crumbling sewer line, you probably think about heavy equipment in your yard and a team of plumbers digging up your landscaping in order to reach the sewer pipe. Trenchless pipe lining doesn’t require large pieces of heavy digging machinery or a large crew of plumbers and excavators.

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Why Trenchless Pipe Repair Is Less Expensive as a Whole

When we talk about trenchless pipe repair, we are most often talking about trenchless pipe lining in Tucson, AZ. This method involves inserting a pipe within a pipe to fix leaks and restore the function of your sewer pipe. The process of inserting a pipe within a pipe starts with finding an access point, like a sewer cleanout. Then, cleaning the sewer pipe and preparing the epoxy liner. 

Next, the epoxy soaked liner is inserted into the sewer pipe, inflated and left in place to cure. Once the liner has cured, the service is restored to the pipe. This method takes far fewer employees and far fewer man-hours, which means it costs less when compared with traditional pipe replacement. Be sure to consult a plumber in Tucson, AZ, from RAM Plumbing for this non-invasive service

Trenchless Sewer Replacement Is also More Cost-Effective 

We also provide trenchless sewer replacement in Tucson, AZ, than traditionally replacing your sewer line. This method typically utilizes pipe bursting, which breaks apart the existing sewer pipe while threading a new sewer pipe through the same space the old sewer pipe occupied. Like trenchless pipe repair, this method doesn’t involve digging large trenches with expensive machinery, and it takes fewer man-hours to replace your sewer pipe. This means that you pay less in equipment and labor costs than you would with a traditional pipe replacement.

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