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While you may believe what you don’t know can’t hurt you, that adage doesn’t hold true for your sewer pipes. If you don’t know about small cracks, leaks or clogs, you could eventually end up with a big mess on your hands — literally. The team at Ram Plumbing has been called to many sewer pipe disasters that could have been prevented. And one way to prevent them is with a sewer camera. Hiring a plumber to come out with a sewer camera comes with the following benefits:

Sewer Cameras Help Prevent Disasters

We here at Ram Plumbing recommend having your sewer lines inspected once a year. And the fastest, easiest way to inspect them is with a sewer camera. The camera moves through the pipes, giving us an up-close view of any cracks, damage, blockages or other issues. Catching and correcting issues with your pipes at their earliest stages prevent those big messes from happening down the line.

Sewer Cameras for Accuracy

Old-school methods of ferreting out a sewer line problem often involved lots of digging in various areas until your plumber found the problem. That’s not the case with a sewer camera. With the ability to enter the pipes through only a small entry point, your yard remains largely intact. The camera is also able to pinpoint the exact location of any plumbing problems without any guesswork or doubt.

Sewer Cameras for Records

Each time a sewer camera is used for inspections, we make a video recording. You can keep the video recording on file in your records as a quick reference whenever needed. This means your plumber can keep an eye on potentially problematic areas. It also makes your annual plumbing inspection a breeze, since your plumber is already aware of the general state of your sewer lines.

Sewer Cameras for Cost and Efficiency

Whether it’s for a regular inspection or making repairs, a sewer camera decreases the cost and increases the efficiency of plumbing services. Since no large-scale digging is involved, you don’t have to cover the cost of heavy machinery and labor.

Using a camera also turns what could be a long, drawn-out repair process into a highly efficient one. In many cases, the plumbing problem can be identified and corrected in a few hours. We also use the camera after the repairs to double-check all the work has been performed properly. This ensures you won’t be calling us back, again and again, to fix the same problem.

Sewer Cameras for New Home Buyers

Sewer camera inspections aren’t only ideal for your existing home. They’re a great way to scope out the condition of the pipes in any new homes you may be considering buying. With a fast, accurate camera inspection, you’ll know if any plumbing repairs are in order before you finalize the sale.

With all the benefits that sewer cameras bring, it makes sense to pick a plumber that incorporates them into their services. Ram Plumbing is the top pick for plumbing projects in Tucson. Contact us today!

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