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Even if your Tucson home’s water supply appears clean and safe, looks can be deceiving. Your water may still be teaming with contaminants that are only technically deemed as safe. Your water quality could also be poor and just waiting to cause problems down the line. At RAM Plumbing, we’ve seen it all.

That’s why we recommend water testing, which arms you with all the details you need to correct or avoid the biggest problems that can occur with home water supplies.

Water Testing to Reduce Health Risks

Water contaminants can be tricky since they can’t always be detected by your five senses. Your water may have no strange smell, taste, or color that indicated contaminants, even when they are present. RAM Plumbing water testing lets you know exactly what’s in your water. If there is evidence of contaminants, we can also show you how to get rid of it with a water filtration system. Be especially wary of health risks If your water does show a difference in smell, taste or color, or if family members have recently become ill, you should call for a professional testing to ensure your water is safe to use.

Water Testing to Avoid Costly Repairs

Water testing doesn’t only test for contaminants. It can also check for water hardness, which is a big issue that can lead to huge problems. Water hardness is determined by the amount of hardness minerals in the water, and its effects can be costly.

Hard water likes to cause buildup on fixtures, appliances, pipes and entire plumbing systems. This can lead to unsightly stains as well as a notable decrease in their performance. Let hard water buildup continue for long enough, and you could be looking at costly repairs or replacements.

Water Testing for Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

If hard water can mess up your pipes and fixtures, just imagine what it does to everything you try to wash with it. Hard water doesn’t play well with soaps and detergents. Instead of rinsing clean, it tends to leave a sticky residue.

You’ll notice it on clothes when they feel stiff and look dingy. You’ll see it on your dishes and glasses when they’re spotted after a round in the dishwasher. RAM Plumbing water testing can spot and correct a hard water problem so you can once again enjoy clean dishes and clothes.

Water Testing for a Cleaner You

If you’re not feeling all that clean after a shower, water testing could tell you why. Poor-quality water can leave a sticky film on your skin that interferes with the removal of bacteria and soil. This can lead to skin irritation and hair that’s lifeless and dull.

Water testing is an important step for preserving your health, well-being and home investments, and RAM Plumbing is at your service. We’ll also recommend the best methods to use for correcting any problems, with water filtration systems and Enviro Water Products at the ready. Give us a call today.

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