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Simple Ways to Lower Your Water Bills

By RAM Plumbing | Jun 30, 2022
Washing hands with water

Without a doubt, owning a home can be costly. You pay for minor repairs, routine maintenance, water bills, and property taxes. Luckily, when it comes to water bills, there are simple ways you can reduce the costs. RAM Plumbing, your one-stop shop for high-quality water line services, shares some smart…

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Common Repiping Myths to Stop Believing

By RAM Plumbing | Jun 23, 2022
copper plumbing pipes

If water leaks keep on recurring or you have poor-quality water in your home, your plumbing system may be due for repiping. Failure to address these issues as early as possible may lead to catastrophic damage that will cost you a lot more than you could imagine. However, certain misconceptions…

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Red Flags of a Broken Sewer Line

By RAM Plumbing | Jun 16, 2022
broken sewer line

Having a broken sewer line on your property can be dangerous, and it’s crucial to address it as soon as possible. While it is out of sight, you can watch for warning signs to determine if trenchless sewer repair in Tucson, AZ, is in order. Once you notice the following…

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Why We Choose UV Light Curing

By RAM Plumbing | Jun 9, 2022
UV light curing equipment

When your residential or commercial sewer main or lateral leaks, backs up, or doesn’t drain the wastewater, you need thorough repairs performed by experienced professionals. At RAM Plumbing, we offer reliable trenchless sewer repair in Catalina Foothills, AZ. We’re committed to providing excellent customer care, which is why we invest…

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Telltale Signs of an Underground Water Leak

By RAM Plumbing | May 30, 2022
soggy lawn

Underground leaks from a damaged water line are often silent emergencies. Many homeowners don’t realize they are dealing with an underground leak until they have lost hundreds of dollars from unusually high water bills or property remediation due to major water damage. RAM Plumbing shares some of the red flags…

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