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PEX & Copper Re-Piping Services in Tucson and Nearby Areas

When you first move into your home, the piping is likely one of the last things you worry about. Or perhaps you may ask the realtor about the condition of the plumbing system to get a general idea. Unfortunately, even the highest quality pipes won’t last forever and will need to be updated as they age. Over time, your pipes go through frequent wear and tear that leads to an eventual need for replacement. When it comes to your plumbing, trust only the reliable and licensed plumbers of RAM Plumbing. We offer plumbing repair and other top plumbing services in these areas:

Tucson Pipe Replacement Services

Our family-owned and -operated company has been providing pipe replacement services for decades. We are known for both our professionalism and our upfront pricing so that you will never be faced with any surprising additional fees. In fact, our Tucson plumbers even offer financing services, subject to approved credit, for larger jobs, including many piping and re-piping projects. Before you call different plumbing companies for pipe replacement, it is important to know the signs which indicate that your pipes are in need of professional help.

A few signs that you may need pipe replacement include:

  • Your pipes are made of old galvanized steel or cast iron
  • Your pipes are made of a form of plastic resin called Polybutylene
  • You are experiencing issues with the quality and taste of your water
  • You are suffering from low water pressure in the sinks or shower

Is Re-piping Really Necessary & What Does Re-Piping Cost?

Many of our customers ask us the same questions when we report that re-piping is necessary to solve their piping issues. They ask if re-piping is really necessary as opposed to than repairs or hydro jetting, which does a superb job of cleaning out debris and blockages. While pipe repairs and cleaning can temporarily resolve issues, this is not a permanent solution for old or damaged pipes or pipes made of materials that could harm your health. And obviously, the cost of replacing pipes versus repair is always a concern. Obviously, each project is different, but rest assured we will not recommend re-piping if we don’t feel it is in your best interest and we will always give a fair and free price quote.

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