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The rainy season certainly has its charms. However, it is also a time when homeowners grapple with an array of plumbing issues and require the help of a professional plumber in Tucson, AZ. Our certified team at RAM Plumbing shares some common plumbing-related problems that can arise and offers practical solutions to help you keep your home dry, safe, and comfortable.

Clogged drains & pipes

Heavy rains often cause clogged drains and pipes due to the influx of debris and water. This can lead to slow or blocked drainage and standing water in your home. To avoid this, regularly maintain your gutter system or let expert plumbing services clean it at least twice a year (particularly before the rainy season starts).

Shifting of foundation & sewer lines

With the ground becoming increasingly saturated, sewer lines and foundations may shift due to the changing soil conditions. This can result in structural damage and create a hazardous situation. To prevent this, make sure to call your local plumbing company to inspect the area for any potential issues and implement corrective measures.

Basement flooding

The rainy season is often accompanied by basement flooding due to insufficient drainage or an inability of existing gutters to keep up with the downpour. An effective way to prevent costly plumbing repairs is to install an efficient sump pump that will quickly pump out the excess water and avoid any potential flooding.

Leaky pipes

When the temperature drops, frozen water in the pipes can expand and cause them to burst or leak. This is a common problem during the rainy season and one of the biggest plumbing disasters that homeowners face. Insulate your exposed pipes with foam insulation before cold weather hits, and get any faulty valves fixed by a professional immediately.

RAM Plumbing is available 24/7 to resolve emergency plumbing issues or simply perform inspections and repairs in your home or business. When the rainy season arrives, make sure to give your local plumbing experts a call and get the help you need. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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