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In many older homes, cast iron pipes serve as the backbone of the plumbing system. Their long-lasting durability made them an appealing choice for many homeowners in the past, and they are still widely used today. As time passes, however, these pipes can begin to suffer from wear and tear and other issues. It’s essential to work with your trusted plumbing contractor and let them perform trenchless sewer repair in Tortolita, AZ if you suspect your cast iron pipes are failing.

RAM Plumbing shares some of the signs that your pipes need restoring or replacing:

Discolored water

If you notice rusty or brownish water coming out of your faucets, this indicates that the inside of your cast iron plumbing has begun to corrode. It’s important to call your plumber in Tortolita, AZ to inspect the pipes and determine the best course of action.

Unexplained wet spots in your yard

If you begin to notice areas of your lawn that are moist without explanation, this could be a sign that the cast iron pipes in your home have developed a leak or are starting to deteriorate and may require trenchless sewer replacement.

Unpleasant odors coming from drains

Cracked pipes can cause sewer gases to escape into your home, causing a putrid smell. Trenchless pipe lining is an efficient and effective solution that can help restore your cast iron plumbing and eliminate foul odors.

Slow drains

If water isn’t draining from your sink or tub as quickly as it used to, this could be due to the interior of the pipes being clogged with sediment or debris. It may be time to consider trenchless pipe replacement to regain normal water pressure and improve water flow.

RAM Plumbing is your go-to team when you need reliable trenchless pipe repair or replacement for your cast iron pipes. We use cutting-edge trenchless technology to ensure a fast, effective, and long-lasting repair job that you can count on for years to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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