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Beware of These Common Plumbing Scams

Plumbing problems, while frustrating, are an inevitable part of home ownership. Unfortunately, during these stressful situations that require the assistance of an expert plumber in Tortolita, AZ, homeowners often become prime targets for unscrupulous scams. We at RAM Plumbing are dedicated to helping homeowners avoid being blindsided by these predatory tactics.

Here are some common plumbing scams to steer clear of:

Unnecessary Replacement Parts

Some plumbers may attempt to replace certain parts of your plumbing system that are still in working order, which leads to a much higher bill than necessary. You should always verify the justification for any proposed replacements before they’re made.

Pushy Upsells

While an experienced plumber may recommend a product or service to enhance your plumbing system, they would not be pushy about it. If a ‘plumber’ insists on convincing you to purchase an upsell such as extended warranties or additional plumbing services, you may want to consider seeking out another professional.

Unseen Repairs

Ensure that any repairs are visible so you can confirm the amount of work done. A good plumber from a reputable plumbing company will always be transparent in their work and provide an itemized invoice of the completed repair upon request.

Sketchy Estimates

If the plumber you’re considering makes an estimate for the job without seeing it first, they may be trying to defraud you. It is not possible to accurately provide a quote until the plumbing issue has been visually assessed and any necessary plumbing repairs are identified. Also, any price too good to be true should raise your suspicions.

Doing your due diligence before you hire a plumber can save you from being taken advantage of and help ensure that any repairs in your home are done correctly. At RAM Plumbing, our team is dedicated to providing quality service with complete transparency. Whether you need help with minor fixes or resolving an emergency plumbing issue, we have you covered.

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