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RAM Plumbing takes pride in providing reliable plumbing repairs in Tucson, AZ, and other areas we serve. We offer complete and effective solutions to all plumbing issues. Best of all, these come at reasonable prices.

Thanks to the development of modern trenchless technologies, damaged sewer pipes can often be repaired in place without having to dig them up. However, these newer techniques aren’t appropriate for every situation. As a part of our comprehensive plumbing services in Tucson, AZ, the team at RAM Plumbing is capable of providing trenchless repairs as well as standard repiping services that are effective for addressing the following types of sewer problems.

Insufficient Capacity

A sewer pipe is designed to carry a specific quantity of wastewater, and back-ups may result if this quantity is exceeded due to an expanded household size or the installation of additional water-using appliances. The only remedy to this problem is increasing the size of the pipeline by repiping it as conducted by a professional plumber in Tucson, AZ, from RAM Plumbing.

Inadequate Flow 

Sewer pipes are generally installed with a slight downhill gradient so that the water flows naturally instead of requiring a pump. If the pipe settles over time and this gradient is lost, reinstallation of the pipe may be the only way to recreate the original gradient.

Extensive Pipeline Damage

In some cases, a sewer pipe is too damaged due to corrosion, crushing or other factors to simply reline and repair. Our plumbing company in Tucson, AZ can evaluate the damage to the pipe using camera inspection techniques to determine whether it can be restored with a new synthetic liner or if complete replacement is the only option.

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